Stefan Wagner

Born in St. Ingbert in 1954. Graduated from Albertus-Magnus Gymnasium in St. Ingbert in 1973. Studied Design under Prof. Oskar Holweck in Saarbrücken from 1973-1974. National civil service from 1979-1980. Art Director at Mohr Advertising Agency in Saarbrücken from 1980-1982. Independent graphic designer from 1982-1988. Director of GROW UP Ad Consulting in Saarbrücken from 1988-2010. Independent consultant since 2010 for strategy, advertising and design.

I don't have ideas, I find them. 
Stefan Wagner does not consider himself an artist, rather a researcher - always on the search for paths to inspiration, both in quick, simple sketches with pencil and brush in country and city, and later in his finds, notes and drawings. In the casual interaction between lead, color and paper, he discovers surprising details, fleshing them out and letting the viewer fully experience them in his large-format blow-ups.